Open-air cinema screenings in a Chilean house

Every year, we no longer count the number of open-air cinema screenings that are held. What could be more pleasant than watching a film on a giant screen comfortably installed in a garden or in an outdoor park. Screening a film outside gives it a special charm. The noise of the night, the noise of nocturnal animals, the sound of the wind in the trees add a lot of mystery. Watching a film outdoors is a real experience that you should try. In our municipality this year we have decided to increase the number of outdoor screenings. The city's residents are so happy with this initiative that it was necessary to buy new seats to install them in the municipal park. After a careful market research, we realized that most of the major open-air cinemas had seats called Chilean seats available to spectators. Otherwise called "deckchair", this deckchair is made of a wooden frame on which a canvas has been woven. The latter acts as a seat but also as a backrest. Comfortable and adapted to all morphologies, the Chilean Tissage de Luz is perfect for our outdoor cinema.

Chilian convenient to use

Chilean cheap

The Chilean chair is also very easy to fold and store. In the technical premises of the town hall, a whole room contains nearly 200 Chilean women bent against each other. Every month, we check that they are in good condition and give us a little sponge bath on those who need it. We plan to wash all the Chileans once a year since the canvas is removable.

Chilean women in the colours of the city

We ordered all our Chilean women on the internet and we wanted them to be green and blue, the colours of our region.

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